a movement that advocates a fresh human right: the right to make mistakes
Here I am. The first errorist (ever?) In contrast to what you might think, I am a woman. Fifty eight years old. Married and mother of two grown up sons. I have got the idea to evoke wonderous events worldwide from my base in a country called Holland.

Local perspectives, global collective actions. The virtual world has sunken down in our real life situations. We are all connected. It must be possible to create an image of the world together.

Is that possible ? Will we be able to understand each other ? How many mistakes, misconceptions, misinterpretations can we bear.
Of ourselves ? Of the other ?
How much mischief do we need to survive ?

I go ahead and report about my own errors and the ones I meet. I will taste and test the effect they have on me.

My first stop is Bangladesh. For three weeks I am guest at DRIK, a world famous photo library, media and communication organization in Dhaka. DRIK educates photojounalists on location all over South East Asia. To have them report from the location itself. That is one of the many reasons I am interested in DRIK. If I want to set up a network of artist correspondents to cooperate in creating wordwide miraculous events - call it news - I better check if people in a country like Banglades are up to this. Is art an extra surplus in an economically less wealthy country or is the need even bigger ?

I will see and report.

This artist in residency has been made possible by a grant from the Fonds BKVB, Ozkan Golpinar projectmanager on cultural diversity.